Thursday, March 29, 2007

Group, Groups, Groups


Some cats aren't very social, but we are! We recently joined Dreamcats, our good friend Derby's new group. See the great membership badge on our sidebar?

Of course Max & I are Dreamboats (Kukka, do you dream about us??) and Tipper & Misty, who are pretty cute I must admit, are Dreamgirls (I'm sure besides things like food, birdies & catnip, Mattingly & Speedy dream about their girls almost every night!). My sisters are also nominating their special guys for membership and since we are Tomcat Stable members who hold The Empress in the highest regard, we will also nominate her.

Since we're both Mancats, we've applied to The ChippenDudes, too. Being big, handsome and manly are the requirements for joining. All you Mancat Monday guys out there, contact Madness for information.

The new Tuxedo Gang Hideout is accepting cats who wear tuxedos (or in the case of the ladies, tuxedo dresses!). Max, who looks great in his tux, joined them. Anyone interested in joining, contact Beau or Oreo.

Of course, I've been busy adding new members to my group, Coats of Many Colors, which is open to solid color, bi- & tri-color cats. Members, please go and say hello to the newcomers.

We updated our links to many new cat bloggers, and hope we haven't left out anyone. It's getting really crowded, so if you don't hear from us, it just means we didn't have time to leave comments everywhere. We're still reading though!

You newcomers can find lots of information listed at the Cat Blogosphere, but here is a short list of groups (in addition to those mentioned above) which may interest you. Contact the group administrator about joining or contributing postings.

Attack of the Tabbies
- open to striped or tabby cats
House Panthers - open to solid black cats
Gorgeous Gingers - open to red/orange/yellow cats
Pink Ladies - girls who do good deeds in the Cat Blogosphere
The Purrthday List - add your birthday (or gotcha day)
Kat's Cat of the Day - honor your cat with a special posting
Catnip Anonymous - for those who have a little (or, maybe a big!) problem with ol' devil 'nip
Secret Paws - giving & receiving gifts at special times
Pet Prayer & Praise - to offer prayers or thanks
Cat Blog Help - for those who need technical help to fix up their pages

I seriously think some Meezer should start a group for the siamese cats. There are so many blogging now I can't think of all of you, but you do need your own group!

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