Monday, November 07, 2005

Introductions All Around


Since I'm the oldest, I'll go first. My name is George, but Mom & Dad usually call me Georgie. I'm also known as Georgie Boy and Georgie Pie. I was adopted along with my littermate sister Gracie (more on her later) at about 10 weeks old from our local shelter. I was really cute back then - now I'm handsome. Dad says I'm manly.

I live in a house in Wisconsin along with Tipper and Max and I'm in charge here. I have first dibs on things like laps, front window, etc, but lately have let Max sleep on the top shelf of the perch. Max is only a year old so I've been teaching him everything he needs to know about kittyness.

I am white with gray markings. My fur is very soft like a rabbit's. Dad says I don't have bunny fur -- bunnies have George fur. I was 8 years old in July, so how old does that make me in human years? I think Mom keep the calculator in the basket by the phone.


While he's looking for that, let me tell you about myself. I'm the only girl in our house besides Mom and was not named after Al Gore's wife. I got my name because when I was very little my tail had a pointy, white tip. I don't know where it went though, because now my tail's all gray. I'm the smartest one here because I always come running when Mom calls "Tipper, Tipper"! George & Max don't come when they're called.

After Gracie died, I was adopted when I was a kitten from the same shelter as George. Mom says George cried all the time so they got me to keep him company. Dad picked me out and I think it's because I have the same colors as George. I was 2 years old in May and am also white with gray markings.

I like to help Mom take care of our house. I'm also very polite and let Max go ahead of me for our morning milk that Mom gives us. Sometimes when they let me, I'll groom my brothers, but they never groom me. Mom had to cut two clumps of fur from my back where I couldn't reach. This is not at all fair.


My name is Maxwell Smartkitty, but I'm called Maxie. I was a year old in May and I'm a tuxedo cat. That means I'm black on my back and white underneath, like if I was wearing a tux. My nose leather is painted black and my whiskers are white. Mom said she might add me to the Tuxedo Gang. I have one black front leg with a white sock but my other front leg is white. I hope this doesn't disqualify me.

I was adopted so Tipper had someone to play with because George is getting old and doesn't play much. Dad picked me out from a lot of other kittens so I guess that means I won. I didn't come from the same shelter as George and Tipper.

I've been learning a lot this past year. Recently I passed Lap Kitty 101, but just barely because I don't like to be picked up or held much. I will allow Mom to pet me and sometimes pick me up, but no one else.

Now George is teaching me about mousing. Sometimes we get a mouse in our house and I catch it but they are MINE and I won't let Dad take them away from me. Mom says we have to find where they're coming in, but that would spoil all my fun!


At November 20, 2005 7:37 PM, Blogger Diva Kitty said...

You need to sign up for the gang!


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