Thursday, June 15, 2006

Looking at Flowers


Can you see our outside kitty, Midnight, sitting by Mom's dianthus and poppies? She decided to let him outside, supervised of course, so he can get a closeup look at our flowers. All we can do is look at flowers through the windows. (sigh)

Maybe he'll get a few good bugs to eat!


At June 15, 2006 10:59 AM, Blogger Patches & Mittens said...

It is one of the Green Wall Shelter kitties! Ours didn't stay where Momma put them, they wandered warned!!!

Patches Lady

At June 15, 2006 1:44 PM, Blogger Buzzerbee & meep said...

Midnight looks very content guarding the flowers!

At June 15, 2006 6:58 PM, Blogger Derby said...

Vir-ginger says hi to Midnight. He looks furry nice with the flowers.

At June 16, 2006 8:48 AM, Blogger Zeus said...

Midnight looks very happy in his new home! It must be nice to be outside with so much fresh air and lots of pretty flower.

At June 16, 2006 9:06 AM, Blogger Hot(M)BC said...

Midnight looks all cute and happy with the flowers. Yall were nice to dopt him.
~~ Sanjee

At June 16, 2006 11:51 AM, Blogger William said...

Lucky boy!

At June 17, 2006 6:24 AM, Blogger Beau Beau & Angie said...

Such purrty fleurs. We took picshurs of our cat mint so show efurry one but hasn't posted them yet.

At June 18, 2006 9:37 PM, Blogger Feline Oligarchy said...

He looks very comfortable there in his new home. The flowers compliment him well -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie


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