Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Latest Award


Our friend Gotchi has given us another award. Thanks so much, Gotchi!!

For this award we have to tell 7 things about us then pass it on to 7 other Beautiful Bloggers, so here goes.

1. I'll be a teenager on my next purrthday
2. I'm quiet until Dad gets home, then I demand attention from him


3. I'm the most talkative one in our family
4. I like to lick fruit and knocked a piece of pineapple out of Mom's bowl yesterday


5. I keep getting out of my color and Mom's upset with me
6. I don't care!


Hmmppfff! How come I'm always last and I only get to tell one thing?!

7. I'm usually the one waiting by the door when Mom gets home from her works.

Well then, I"M going to decide who to pass this on to and I'm picking cats who not only write beautiful blogs but are beautiful to look at! Gosh, this is really hard, 'cause every girlcat I know is beautiful.

1. Daisy
2. Skeezix (OK, I know he's a guy but he looks beautiful in PINK which is my color, so I just have to pick him)
3. Katie
4. Fin
5. Ariel
6. Kukka-Maria
7. Siamese Peaches


At March 16, 2010 4:22 AM, Blogger The Island Cats said...

That's a very cool award! Congrats!

At March 16, 2010 4:22 AM, Blogger Eric and Flynn said...

Concats on your award. We laughed about licking the fruit. We just whap it out of the bowl.

At March 16, 2010 4:23 AM, Blogger The Creek Cats said...

Concatulations on your well deserved award, furiends!

At March 16, 2010 5:03 AM, Blogger Kea said...

Congratulations on your award!

At March 16, 2010 6:32 AM, OpenID chezcat1970 said...

Congratulations on a the award!

At March 16, 2010 8:05 AM, Blogger Angel and Kirby said...

Congratulations on the award. We love learning things about our friends/

At March 16, 2010 8:12 AM, Blogger Cheysuli and gemini said...

Congratulations on your award!

At March 16, 2010 9:13 AM, Blogger Amy and The House of Cats said...

Congrats on the award! Those are some very interesting things we learned!

At March 16, 2010 10:41 AM, Blogger Ariel said...

Awww those are some really cute things.Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for giving it to me.....Hugs

At March 16, 2010 11:10 AM, Blogger Daisy said...

Congratulations on your award! And thank so much for thinking of me, too!

Misty, going last is good; I think there is even a saying about saving the best for last... like dessert!

At March 16, 2010 12:14 PM, Blogger Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Concats on yoor award...Daisy is right, mom always says "I saved the best for last" so that must mean your the best Misty.

At March 16, 2010 12:20 PM, Blogger Siamese peaches said...

Hello, congrats on your award!! you deserve it. Thanks for thinking of Peaches and giving her an award, sorry, I don't participate in them. I do appreciate your kindness!

At March 16, 2010 4:06 PM, OpenID catsintrees said...

Such a well deserved award. Congratulations. Oh and Misty. The best is always saved for last.

At March 16, 2010 4:18 PM, Blogger Kukka-Maria said...

We at Kukka-Maria.com have a strict policy (or lack of initiative) about reposting. I think The Agent called it "WHERE DO I DRAW THE LINE?!"

So, if you will indulge me, I'd like to post my 7 facts here (in count-down form, of course):

7. My belly rocks to and fro when I run. Which I don't do often, nor is that really a secret.

6. I talk. ALL THE TIME! As I'm typing this, I am squawking to anyone who will listen. Sometimes, I think I'm an operatic diva. Other days, I just want to bitch.

5. People (read: "The Agent") used to perceive me as being bigger than Brach, because I'm a year older. I'll never forget the day The Agent (I'm sorry..."PEOPLE") recognized the brute is ginormous next to little ol' me! I've never felt more svelte!

4. Sometimes, when I bathe Brach's neck, I imagine it's my ex, Brad Pitt.

3. I wish I could paint my claws red. Sadly, they retract and it would muss my fur before they dried.

2. I lick The Agent all the time, gently implying she should shower more. Unfortunately, she sees it as a sign of affection. UGH!

1. I have never had such a fulfilling life than online. (I'm so glad this one is written in invisible "ink" and no one will know my vulnerability!)

At March 17, 2010 5:38 PM, Blogger Fin said...

Ah Crew, thanks so much for thinking of me!!

At March 17, 2010 5:39 PM, Blogger Fin said...

I forgot to say Concats for your winning it in the first place!!

At March 18, 2010 10:34 AM, Blogger Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Why, you all ARE Beautiful! Concats on the Awardie! And it's fun to learn more about you, too!


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